Suitable and Cost Effective Business VoIP Service

Get the Most out of Your Business’s VoIP

You want to make sure that every aspect of your business runs efficiently and your phone system is no exception. Taking advantage of certain features could help your business operate more efficiently, reduce costs and improve productivity. Use the tips below to get the most out of your business VoIP.

Make Sure You Get the Basic Calling Features You Need

The specific calling features that you need will likely depend on the kind of business that you operate. A call center, for instance, will probably need a toll free number as well as a local number. A company that has offices in several countries might want to consider signing up for international calling features that can help keep prices low. 

Other basic features that you should consider include 411 directory assistance, fax services, and 911 emergency service.

Consider Additional Calling Features for Your Business

VoIP service offers features that can help you focus on your most important goals. Some of the most important features include caller ID, call transfers, call forwarding, and sequential ring. 

Caller ID can help you identify whether you need to answer the phone. If you are in the middle of an important report, you might not want to answer a call from certain people. If a major client calls, though, you need to know so that you can give them attention.

Call forwarding is helpful because no matter where you’re at, you don’t have to miss a call. Phone calls to your office, for example, can be forwarded to your cell phone. That way, you can feel free to leave the office, knowing that you will never have to miss an important call. 

Sequential ringing offers a similar advantage. If a call comes in and no one is available to answer it at reception desk for example, the call is then automatically transferred to another desk where someone can answer it. This feature reduces the number of unanswered calls which could increase sales and improve customer service.

Useful Voicemail Features from Business VoIP

Business VoIP offers several voicemail features that can help you work more efficiently. Voicemail to email is one of the most useful tools. In order to listen to a voicemail, you have to excuse yourself and spend time on your phone. When the voicemail message is converted into an email, though, you can casually glance at your phone to get the gist of the message. That way, you stay informed without missing something or offending clients and colleagues.

VoIP service for businesses, such as Aptela business VoIP, offers many more features than typical phone services and it can seem a little confusing at first. If you feel overwhelmed, go through the features one at a time to decide whether they are useful for your business. In many cases, taking your time will allow you to see how useful these features are in certain situations. You might even find yourself thinking “finally, a solution that problem that’s been bugging me for years!”

After you have explored your options, you can put together a custom package of the services that you need to make your business to meet customer needs and interact with partners more effectively.

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