uTorrent To Launch uTorrent Paid Version - Coming Soon

uTorrent, the most popular download manager client for Torrent Files is soon going to launched uTorrent Paid Version for corporate users. BitTorrent Inc. has announced that they are soon going to launch a paid version of the popular ĀµTorrent client. A paid upgrade to the popular torrent manager uTorrent is in the works, the makers of the program announced today. Though it's still in development process and is still unavailable publicly, uTorrent Plus promises to include tools that will eliminate codec problems, convert file formats, and move content between devices, according to the blog post announcing the product.

According to Jordy Berson, director of product management for uTorrent;
 "The free version will receive the same level of commitment and development resources as it does now."

uTorrent team is working on finalizing an invite only beta version of the client according to TorrentFreak, with the expectation that more details about the program will be published in the coming weeks. Those wishing to put their name down to qualify for early access must do so through their webpage. No price has yet been set for ĀµTorrentPlus according to Jordy Berson who is Director of Product Management for the brand.

According to uTorrent Spokesman Mr Berson;
“We think of it more as diversifying revenue sources. Some of the features will involve us paying licensing fees so it’s not like this is a pure profit business for us, although given our scale we’ll be able to negotiate good terms and pass on to customers a great value”.

The price point for uTorrent Plus has not been announced, the company has also created a sign-up page for people who want more information on uTorrent Plus.

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