Facebook Redesign New Homepage Layout and Look

Facebook has frequently change its homepage design in last one year and now we have heard from Facebook sources that Facebook might change its homepage again with newly tested design and also possibly the photo viewer. Facebook tested every new feature and updates on daily basis so you might feel some changes every day so beta tests of new layouts or designs is simply business as usual for the social network.

So the big news is Facebook has recently started testing a new user homepage design that allows the News Feed to be scrolled separately from the rest of the webpage. This allows ads, app bookmarks, and the top navigation bar to remain visible regardless of what part of the News Feed you are looking at. Currently, once you scroll down past about six News Feed stories, you cannot see ads, bookmarks, nor the navigation bar. The good news is that, new redesign might help advertisers and publisher to get more clicks from Facebook users. The new design might increase click through rates for advertisers, improve user retention for applications, and save you the hassle of scrolling back to the top of the page, according to Inside Facebook.

Here's a New Look of Facebook Homepage:

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