How to Optimize Videos for Facebook and YouTube

As we all know Facebook has now become one of the effective way to deliver and market product and services from producer to consumer, so how will your consumer knows about your product and services if they don’t even know what you are offering or delivering to them. So Video Presentation is now consider the most effective method of market products and services to internet consumers worldwide.

So if you want to optimize your Videos presentation on most popular platforms of Social Media like Facebook and YouTube than you have to follow and implement following Seven Basic Principles of Video Optimization to gain more visibility on internet arena.

How to Optimize Video for Facebook or YouTube !!
  • Encourage people to rate and review your video.
  • Link to other videos that have relevant keywords.
  • Upload your content to video sharing sites.
  • Allow people to embed your video code.
  • Make a captivating thumbnail image for your video.
  • Create a catchy or unique title.
  • Limit the video footage to five minutes or less.

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