Google Officially Launch 'Google Music Service'

Everyone seems to be waiting for the launch of Google Music Service, so no more wait for music freak persons. Google has finally launched its Music Service website called Google Music (Beta), quite similar to Amazon's Cloud Player. Google Music is basically based on Google’s Cloud based music player which allows you to listen to any music you upload to the anticipated cloud service offline, and it tracks what you’ve listened to recently to make it automatically available offline. You will also be able to easily select which songs/artists/playlists that you want to make available offline.

Google Music was announced at last year’s Google I/O and many users have been patiently awaiting further announcement about the service. After Amazon launched a similar service recently, like Amazon, Google will launch without the cooperation of the record labels. We had heard that the company had been tussling with the music industry, particularly the recently sold WMG, and it seems those conflicts have not been resolved.

The purpose of services like these is to make music more accessible to users across all devices, and frankly, while being able to listen to your collection on your Android device and anywhere you can log in to your Google account is pretty handy, the limitations (no caching, purchasing songs, etc.) will make this product less attractive to consumers.

We’ve been waiting for a while for a music streaming/subscription service to really take off with consumers besides Spotify, since we still can’t use that in the U.S. Many have postulated that Google Music would be that service.

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