Make Free Voice Calls Through Facebook Via T-Mobile

Now you can make free Voice Call through Facebook to any of your Facebook friends who are on Facebook Chat. T-Mobile the leading cellular company in United States have launched the new application, called Bobsled, in order to offer voice chat via Facebook Chat. The Bobsled service is usable by anyone, even those outside the United States, and allows them to make voice calls to friends who are on Facebook Chat. Voice messages can also be left on the 'Walls' of different Facebook users, and these can be made public or private.

T-Mobile’s new offering comes just a few days after Jajah also unveiled free calls via Facebook. The U.S. wireless subsidiary of international giant Vodafone has made Bobsled available for free download on a Facebook page, as well as a website devoted to the service.

According to Brad Duea, Senior Vice President at T-Mobile:
Customers can use the Bobsled application for Facebook to place voice calls to their friends through Facebook Chat with just one click.  This makes it quick and simple to place an impromptu call to a Facebook friend.  The application eliminates the need for dialing – you simply click on a friend’s name to start the conversation. There’s also no need to remember screen names or to input numbers. This even works when connecting with your friends around the globe. Calls from a PC/Mac to a PC/Mac are free, regardless of where you are connecting.

Bobsled include adding video chat to its list of features, and even porting the application to other forms of media, such as Internet-enabled television sets and even gaming consoles, such as Microsoft's Xbox 360. Even further down the line, the company aims to potentially enable calls and text messages to both cellular devices and landline phones via Bobsled. A previously announced partnership between Facebook and Skype has left many people expecting the two would together launch first free phone calls the social network, which makes the announcements by T-Mobile and Jajah all the more novel.

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