Google Announced New Chrome Logo

At Chrome 2nd anniversary, Google has officially announced that they are redesigning the logo of Chrome web browser. The new design of Chrome Logo seems to be look cleaner and seems to follow the Chrome idea of making things simple. This information will surely helps those who have been using the developer builds of Chrome or Chromium should have started to see it pop up.

According to Google's Chrome blog statement, the general consensus by Google was that a redesign was needed to show the true meaning behind Chrome, in which the new logo “embodies the Chrome spirit, to make the web quicker, lighter, and easier for all.”
Experts are saying that the old logo would soon reach its end, with Google posting numerous advertisement pieces that display a more modern, simplistic logo. Such examples can be seen in the Chrome speed test video and an art piece posted by Mike Leman ski to celebrate Chrome's second birthday.

You will soon get new Chrome Logo with the next build of Chrome version with the new beta and stable builds that are said to arrive within the next few weeks.

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