Google +1 Feature for Search Results - New Social Feature

Still Google don’t want to stop and really trying to get upper hands in social arena. Google has announced a new social feature for its search engine, a new social service called Google +1 that competes directly with the Facebook like button as a signal for determining what content is most relevant to an individual.

Google +1 feature is only available on search results, but Google plans on rolling this out to many different Internet objects eventually. The functionality requires you to have a public Google profile, and your +1 rating will be posted to your profile.

According to Google Blog; Google +1 to give something your public stamp of approval, so friends, contacts, and others can find the best stuff when they search. Get recommendations for the things that interest you, right when you want them, in your search results. Your +1's are public. They can appear in Google search results, on ads, and sites across the web. You'll always be able to see your own +1's in a new tab on your Google Profile, and if you want, you can share this tab with the world.

How to Use Google +1 Feature?
Check out Google +1 Video:

You can also check Google's New Experimental features here.

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