Installing DISQUS Comments Into Blogger Blog

When i first started blogging, Disqus used to provide lengthy and hard procedure of integrating Disqus Commenting System into blog. First you had to download and backup your whole blog and then upload it to disqus to integrate it into your blog, then disqus patched your file (to install new comment system) and give the file back to you and you upload it again to your blog. Seems to be very hard method to install disqus.
But now you won't have to worry about Installing Disqus Commenting System, Disqus is now providing very easy procedure to installing commenting system into blogger blog.

Recently they have made changes and now it’s much easier to integrate Disqus into blogger layout. Means you don’t have to go for that lengthy procedure to install disqus. Using the latest Gadget functionality you are now able to improve the time of integration, and now require no patching of your template.

Follow these simple steps to install Disqus in your Blogger Blog:
  1. Login to your Disqus Account.
  2. Go to (make sure you’re already logged in)
  3. Click “Add Site to Blogger” button.
  4. On next page, Authorize Disqus, add a Gadget with your sites Disqus code, and you’re good to go.
Now open any post and see the disqus comment form instead of blogger’s default one.

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