Amazon To Buy LivingSocial: Groupon Rival

After Google conspiracy to buy Daily Deals website Groupon now Amazon also comes up with their strategy to compete in market of daily products and deals.

Amazon soon going to buy Groupon most successful rival LivingSocial. swooped in Thursday with a 175$ million investment in LivingSocial, Groupon's most successful competitor. As we know Google always in search of some unique kind of products and service to buy and provide better option to their customers all over the world. LivingSocial is currently booking average daily sales of more than $1 million, and is projected to top $500 million in revenue in 2011, the company said. Based in Washington, D.C., the site has 10 million subscribers in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland and Australia.

LivingSocial plans to use's massive e-commerce heft to fight off its older and larger rival.

"To be the biggest player in the local commerce space there is no one better to work with than Amazon," co-founder and CEO Tim O'Shaughnessy said in a prepared statement.

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