Amazon Kindle 3G Top Selling Device in Amazon's History

As we mentioned before in our article about Best E-Book Reader Device, In that article we had discussed about Amazon Kindle and Sony E-Reader Device, as they are most top rated E-Reader device today with fully loaded features and now Amazon has confirmed that Amazon Kindle 3rd Generation is the top selling product in Amazon's History.

Amazon confirmed this news in its latest press release of holiday sales figure of 2010 and confirmed that the 3rd Generation Kindle is now the best selling product in Amazon's history. Holiday sales propelled the
e-Reader past the previous reigning champ, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The WiFi and 3G version of the Kindle were the #1 and #2 sellers in the electronics categories, beating out the 8 GB iPod touch. The duo also topped the charts for the best-selling products site-wide on Amazon this holiday season. Christmas day was a banner day for the Kindle with the e-Reader boasting of a record number of activations, Buy Once, Read Everywhere app downloads and Kindle book purchases. Once folks fired up their brand new Kindle, they purchased The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which were the #1 purchased and #1 gifted Amazon Kindle book this holiday season.

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