Top 6 Best PHP Frameworks for Developing a Business Website

The precise use of technology for augmenting diverse business needs is perhaps the reason why organizations are able to target global clients! E-trading has influenced our lifestyle for good and one can unleash numerous possibilities by relying on an e-commerce website.

Best PHP Frameworks for Developing a Business Website

But have you wondered about the engine that drives the alluring online shopping websites that always offers the best shopping experience? Probably not! Most of the websites are built on PHP frameworks that ensured adequate user experience and deliver exceptional performance.

When we talk about the best frameworks for developing a reliable business website, undeniably, PHP has provided a long list! Here we would be highlighting the top PHP frameworks to consider for your next e-venture!

1) CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is one of the finest PHP frameworks that are widely utilized for building enhanced performance websites across the globe. The user could easily get the finest experience with the website built with CodeIgniter. The configuration at the developer end of this platform is quite easy as compared to the ones that are mostly considered for the development of business websites.

For the ones that are seeking a light-weight website that supports adequate functionality, undeniably, CodeIgniter is the right choice. One can get the best experience of development with CodeIgniter as it is intended for the beginners as well. Here is the list of features that you get with this framework:
  • It offers easy debugging
  • Lightweight and hence could be used for developing reliable business websites
  • CodeIgniter is comparatively secure as compared to the other PHP platforms in the market
  • Improved MVS support makes this platform ideal for organizations that are building dynamic websites and web applications
  • Easy error handling is again a feature that makes it perfect for business purposes
  • CodeIgniter has vast community support, which is again a plus point
2) Laravel

For all those business owners seeking a reliable framework that can help them in making crisp web applications, Laravel is the optimum choice! Laravel is known for its stability and features that every online shopping website would ever require.

MVC architecture support is another reason you can consider relying on PHP’s Laravel framework. Most of the businesses that are on a hunt for the perfect framework prefer Laravel just because of the fact it supports database migration system and unit testing.

One can be sure enough to get ample security in Laravel, which isn’t something you can expect from the conventional frameworks. So, if you are about to enhance your global reach via a reliable website, Laravel could give you a better start.

3) Symfony

You may or may not be aware regarding a special framework of PHP that can cater your business website needs quickly! Yes, we are talking about Symfony that can help you in speeding up the development process.

Many startups and small businesses pick this framework for hassle-free development of their e-commerce website. Another strong reason to choose Symfony is the fact that you need not worry regarding the maintenance of a website built over this platform.

Form Config, translator and flexible URI locating are some features that you exclusively get with this platform. We can say that this platform is perhaps the ideal one for individuals with fewer budgets and who actually wish to save on the maintenance costs.

Apart from this, the huge community support is yet another reason for you to prefer this platform if you are a beginner and need to maintain your website on your own.

4) Cake PHP

Cake PHP is another framework that caters the need of businesses that are seeking easy development and reliable platform for their initial startup. The easy creating and updating procedures always attract the developers and clients that are expecting better product at the earliest.

The MVC pattern helps in targeting the programmers need in a way that a platform can be set up that compliments user experience. The reusable libraries in CakePHP are perhaps the other reason that can be considered if you wish to invoke the potential of code reusability. This also helps in maintaining the quality of the code.

As per the expert UI/UX designers, CakePHP is also the perfect framework for the websites that need an adequate database. One can get hassle-free database management and integration of the same in a better way. Many developers personally recommend the use of CakePHP for building systems that need to cater huge traffic since it is a consistent framework.

5) Fat-Free

One of the lightest PHP frameworks that offer enhanced performance is Fat-Free. For the businesses that only require little functionality on their website, Fat-Free is the right choice. This micro PHP framework caters the needs of the organizations that need to display only limited content to the audience with minimal functionalities.

The object-oriented database and JSON support make this platform ideal for the organizations that wish to include the database in their website for diverse purposes. The built-in debug mode of Fat-Free

Moreover, the official support and community for Fat-Free could help you out in getting over the platform without any hassle.

6) Zend

Zend is a great open source and object-oriented framework, which is realized in the latest PHP 5 version. Easy and quick development is perhaps the main aspects that you should consider if you need a fully loaded website in minimal time. The least interdependencies is yet another added advantage that makes it more robust.

Zend also supports multiple databases and one can also expect reliable development for both dynamic and static website in a way that it serves the purpose. Another great advantage of Zend is the reusability of code in a way that it prevents repetition.

Apart from this, the multi-language support in this platform and the ability to publish web services is the reason you can consider this framework for your website development needs.

Final Verdict

The above-mentioned list of frameworks is ideal for developing a reliable website for your business purposes. One only need to emphasize hiring one of the promising developers or development firm that can lend a hand in giving wings to your ideas in the most sophisticated way.

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