25+ Educational Apps on Modern Science and Research for Android and iOS

Any technological or scientific research requires a lot of precision, knowledge and time to come out with the accurate results. These results will, however, be contested by others and in the process, there may be some flaws or other areas requiring improvement can come to the fore. All these will prolong the final outcome.

Educational Apps on Modern Science and Research Learning

However, with the use of modern science apps, scientific research work can be expedited without compromising on the quality or worrying about the accuracy of the final result.

In fact, there are several science apps that you can download to make your smartphone a mobile laboratory. This is the magic of the apps that not only can keep the users connected but also offers the millennial with an opportunity to hold science in their hands, literally at their fingertips!

This means that these apps have not only accelerated the research lifecycle but has also helped people to know much more about science and the unexplored regions of it. Therefore, if you do not want to restrict your knowledge to common household issues and read the debt settlement reviews for money and debt management to the most, these apps will help you to be more informed about different aspects including this world, life, geography, physics and much more. You will be truly learned.

25+ Top Best Educational Apps on Modern Science and Research Learning for Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod)

If you want to change your phone to a mobile laboratory, here are a few specific science mobile apps that you can download and use.
  • Planetarium App: This will help you to locate and identify different planets, stars, constellations, and more. Just point your phone to the sky and tap on the app’s icon.
  • Naturalist App: This will help you to record observations from nature. You can share these with your online community.
  • Explores Light App: This is actually an interactive iPad book that is full of fundamental concepts of science and is extremely useful for school-age children.
  • Virtual Frog Dissection App: This app will help any student to simulate the experience of dissecting an animal.
  • Human Body App: Human body is full of mysteries and unique organs. You can explore it with this app and know how each and every part of your body works.
  • Classify It! App: Using this specific app you will be able to classify various organisms, sort and group them according to their behavior, habitat, and biology.
  • Agent Higgs App: Use this to find particle physics more interesting like never before.
  • Journey North App: This app will help you to track seasons and migrations.
  • Cozmic Zoom App: Standing in for both telescope and microscope, this app will help you to see the farther side of the universe and further inside the human cell and proton as well.
  • Sound Uncovered App: Sound is pleasant but there are so many things to know about it such as pitch, shrillness, timber, quality, wave, auditory illusions and different other acoustic phenomena such as beep, boom, bump and vroom. This app will help you to know everything about sound.
  • Matific App: This is an interactive and hands-on app. It teaches math skills by using bite-sized apps compatible in both personal computers and tablets.
  • GoReacT App: If you are fond of chemistry and want to experiment all the time then this app is just right for you allowing you to experiment almost everywhere you go.
  • Earth Primer App: Explore the mysteries of the universe and know how it works through this app.
  • Bedtime Math App: Just as the name signifies, this app is good for putting those inquisitive infants to sleep with some easy and math problems to solve for different age groups.
  • Gravity Launch App: Learn more about gravity using this app. It will help you to get your rocket to its destination.
  • Planets App: Know about all different objects in the sky through this app.
  • VideoScience App: You will find a number of videos in this app of different kinds including different scientific experiments and book reviews along with tool recommendations.
  • iCell App: If you want to have a 3D view of the inside of a cell then this is just meant for you.
  • 3D Brain App: Another useful app to know the inside of the brain using different interactive structures of it. The unique feature of this app is that it will allow you to rotate and zoom into these structures.
  • Project Noah App: An ideal app for all nature lovers, this app will allow you to document different wildlife that you encounter.
  • EyeDecide App: Needing no further explanation, this app helps you to know more about eye conditions and its anatomy.
  • Periodic Table of the Elements App: If you hated periodic table not being able to memorize it this electronic version of the table will make it fun.
  • Molecules App: This free app can be used on any platform such as iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and will enable you to see three-dimensional renderings of different molecules. You can even manipulate them by using your fingers. Exciting!
  • Project BudBurst App: If you want to take part in a national research effort as a part of the citizen science program, this app will help you to a great extent.
  • Gene Screen App: If you want to know more about your genes, this app will help you to learn the traits of the recessive genes and the inherited diseases. You will also know about those specific diseases that are more predominant in diverse populations.
  • Cell Defense: This is called the Plasma Membrane App and will help you to learn how the membrane works. You will gain extensive knowledge of proteins, cholesterol, phospholipids, and carbohydrates.
  • Order of Operations App: This is actually a math app designed for upper elementary and middle-school students. You will know more about the order of operations.
If you want to join NASA someday, you can also test a few other specific NASA apps such as the NASA's Rocket Science App, GLOBE Observer App for environmental observations, Visualization Explorer App to look at the images of sun and universe.

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