Google Chrome 4.0.302.2 Released

The dev channel has been updated to 4.0.302.2 for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
[r36632] We now only use our own FTP parsing code; please file bugs if you encounter any problems while navigating FTP sites. (Issue: 25520)

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r35949, r36195, r36432, r36437, r36562, r36582] Various improvements to the bookmark manager.
r35959] Fix mis-sized download shelf close button. (Issue: 31785)
r35977, r36087, r36088, r36096, r36557] Enable the task manager. (Issue: 13156)
r36016] Support pinch to zoom on the Mac. (Issue: 16305)
r36021] Implements context menus for Page and Browser Actions. (Issue: 30655)
r36124] Eliminate Helper zombies. (Issue: 32001)
r36242] Quake Live Plugin will now load. (Issue: 24788)
r36259, r36370] Fix issues with browser action popups. (Issues: 32161, 31097, 32162)
r36416, r36533, r36554] Support plugin cursors, and fix cursor flicker with fullscreen plugins. (Issue: 20717)
r36422] Improve scroll performance on some sites, e.g. (Issues: 502056, 28954)
r36182] Controls in QuickTime content now work. (Issue: 24952)
r36361] Double-clicking a plugin will no longer select it. (Issue: 31358)

r36423] Theme the NTP with GTK+ colors when matching GTK. (Issue: 29948)
r36073] Fix to way we identify the active window. (Issue: 31971)

Known Issues
[OS-MAC] Cookie manager crashes (Issue
32596, 32627)
[OS-MAC] Bookmark manager crashes (Issue
32733, 32732)
[OS-MAC] Sporadic flash plugin crashes (Issue
32748, 32732)
More details about additional changes are available in the svn
log of all revision.
You can find out about getting on the Dev channel here: Early Access Release Channels (Chromium Developer Documentation).

If you find new issues, please let us know by filing a bug at Project hosting on Google Code.

Anthony Laforge
Google Chrome

Download: Google Chrome 4.0.302.2 Mac Linux

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