Apple's big annual event named WWDC 2015 date has been officially announced by Apple i.e. From Monday, June 8th, 2015 to Friday, June 12th, 2015 at San Francisco’s Moscone West, USA. Apple's 26th World Wide Developer Conference 2015 will be based on five-day conference sessions with aimed to glimpse into the future of iOS Firmware and OS X Software i.e. iOS 9 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and OS X 10.11 for Mac.

Apple's WWDC 2015 Official Logo

Microsoft Windows 10 Insider Preview (Build: 10.0.10122) (previously rumored as Windows 9) and currently referred as Windows 10 Insider Preview Version (previously called Technical Preview version) is now available as free update to all general public users for download, clean installation, update / upgrade process. If you're running an old Windows 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP operating system on your desktop PC / Laptop, then you must check-out brand new Windows 10 Features and Functionalities such as; Advanced Start Menu, New Virtual Desktop, Enhanced Multitasking etc. Download Free Windows 10 (10122) Insider Preview .ISO File via Direct Links for 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) computer systems.

Windows 10 Logo

Whether you choose to hire an IT team or opt personally to install a digital signage, it is important to ensure that you do it in the right way. Investing in digital signage with inadequate information is a grave mistake. Whether you are managing a digital signage Software or mounting a newly purchased digital sign, you should avoid making the following installation mistakes.

Top 3 Digital Signage Installation Mistakes You Should Avoid

We all know that SEO is a tool that is very much helpful if you want to climb your way up to any search engine around. Search engine optimization is the key to let your brand be known and it is already been commonly used by almost anyone now. In fact, this certain tool is being used to almost any kind of device. If you want to reach such exposure, especially in terms of your Mobile Apps, you need to at least know how SEO works. Certain steps should be followed when you want to achieve a place on top. Though there are particular steps to follow, you don’t really have to fret about how hard the process will be; you just need the proper research and the right people to do the deed for you. To start, you should at least know these particular steps to improve your rankings so that your mobile app will soar high. Following are some of the Top Five (5) Best Ways to Improve Mobile Apps SEO Ranking for Maximum Downloads i.e. Android Apps, iOS Apps (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Windows Phone Apps, BlackBerry Apps etc in SERPs.

Top 5 Best Tips to Improve Mobile Apps SEO Ranking for Maximum Downloads

From home to car, metro to office, event venue to guest’s home; you leave no opportunity to charge your phone! Maybe you just realized it after reading the first line. An increased battery life means long talks, playing games without interruption, more time to take selfies and most importantly, never having to worry about dying Battery to make an emergency call! If you constantly find your Mobile Phone on low battery end, then try these Top Seven Best Tips to Improve Battery Life of Smartphones and Tablets i.e. Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Featured Phone etc. etc.

Top 7 Best Tips to Increase Battery Life of Smartphone and Tablet Devices

The official third beta version of OS X Yosemite 10.10.4 has been seeded by Apple for upgradation and installation by all OS X developers and non-developers (general public users). The newest OS X Yosemite 10.10.4 Beta 3 (Build: 14E17e) Update for Mac is available instantly. The Direct Download Links of OS X 10.10.4 Beta 3 Delta, Combo Update .DMG Files are available below.

Download OS X 10.10.4 Beta 3 Yosemite Combo, Delta Update .DMG Files - Direct Links

Apple has seeded and released the third beta version of iOS 8.4 Firmware for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV devices. The official iOS 8.4 Beta 3 (Build: 12H4098c) and Xcode 6.4 Beta 3 (Build: 6E23) Updates to iOS developers and non-developers (general public users) are available instantly for installation and upgradation. The Direct Download Links of iOS 8.4 Beta 3 for iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 5G, iPad Air 2 6G, iPad Air 5G, iPad 4G, iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad 3G, iPad 2G and Apple TV 3G are appended below.

Apple iOS 8.4 Beta 3 (12H4098c) for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV

With the passage of time, Google releases latest Google Play Store Application for Android Smartphones and Tablets with the addition of new features, bug fixes, security fixes, improvement, stability and performance enhancements. But every new version takes some time in delivering process to all Android devices. Rather than users can wait for Google to push latest download to your devices, or you can Manually Download and Install Latest Version of Google Play Store App .APK File Free on Smartphones and Tablets via Direct Links available below.

Google Play Store App .APK File

Download & Install Windows Mobile 10 Insider Preview for Phones & Tablets

As we all know, Windows 10 Insider Preview (previously called Technical Preview) is already available for computers and laptops for testing and experimenting purpose of various features and functionalities, and now Microsoft has officially released the very first beta version of Windows Phone 10 Insider Preview Build for Smartphones and Tablets for Free to Windows Phone developers and non-developers (general public). Windows Phone 10 Insider Preview Download, Installation, Features, Compatibility, Screenshots and Video Details are available for users who want to experience the all new Windows 10 for Phones.

Experiencing the great outdoor adventures used to be an immersive experience: just you, the surroundings and a map for guidance. However, our increasing inability to disconnect means we want our tech even when we’re in nature. With the technological advancements, we now have the ability to incorporate Wearable Tech Gadgets seamlessly into our clothing, shoes, even directly on our skin. Here, we take a look at Top Four (4) Best Outdoors Wearables, and the companies making it happen.

Top 4 Best Outdoor Adventures Wearable Tech Gadgets

Technology is an ever-present feature of our lives, and it plays a significant role in multiple industries. Not just in the obvious manner, either, but in tangential ways as well. One of the main industries that is currently undergoing a Tech Makeover is healthcare. Though medical hardware has long played a role in the healthcare industry, Mobile devices, apps, and software are now starting to make real inroads, and they impact the industry in numerous – and sometimes unexpected – ways. Below are some of the Top 4 Ways Technology Is Improving Healthcare and Medical Equipment’s.

4 Ways Technology Is Improving Healthcare and Medical Equipments

Across the world over 150 million users use torrenting and Peer-to-Peer sharing platforms to access educational and entertainment content online. Everything from movies, books, music albums, research papers and training videos can be easily accessed by a peer network online that works very efficiently. Unfortunately, torrenting and P2P platforms have been the source of a lot controversy recently as the public’s attention turns to cybercrime, copyright violations, and a very dramatic increase in malwares and Trojans online. Because of these issues authorities around the world are becoming more stringent about the sort of platforms that can and cannot be accessed by users. People in certain countries are completely blocked from using any torrent or P2P platform. People have been cut off from a valuable resource for educational information and otherwise restricted media. Below are some of the Top 5 Best VPNs and Proxy for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Apple Safari and Microsoft Edge Web Browsers for Torrenting and P2P File Sharing.

Top 5 Best VPNs for Torrenting and P2P File Sharing Services

It is your top priority to raise Brand awareness among the public in general, in today’s highly competitive world of business. The best way to make your brand linger in the mind of potential consumers is by getting branded promotional items printed and using them for enhancing brand image and increase brand awareness with effective promotional measures. Brand’s visible elements include; colors, name, logotype, symbol, and design etc. and together these elements help to create brand awareness and distinguish your particular brand from the rest. Your brand would be more easily and readily recalled if you communicate constantly with your target audience via effective Marketing tactics.

How to Boost Business Brand with Custom Promotional Items and Art Book Printing

After the official release of Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac OS X, now Microsoft has also released its all-new Office Suite for Windows operating system as well. Microsoft Office 2016 for Windows (previously called "IT Pro and Developer Preview") has been officially announced by Microsoft with all new Microsoft Excel 2016, Microsoft Word 2016, Microsoft PowerPoint 2016, Microsoft Outlook 2016, and Microsoft OneNote 2016 software's. The official Direct Download Links of Microsoft Office 2016 Preview (Public Beta) for Windows is available for Free.

Microsoft Office 2016 for Windows

Those with an interest in gaming will know that investing in computers, games and accessories can be a wallet bending task. A need for high quality processors and graphics to support a wide selection of popular PC games means that it’s not easy to find a Gaming Laptop that won’t break the bank. But it’s not impossible, if you game, or would like to start, and are after a gaming laptop for a price that doesn’t make you fall off your chair, you’re in the right place. Sit up and pay attention - we’re about to make your Budget Gaming Laptop dreams come true. . Below are some of the Top Six (6) Best Budget Gaming Laptops Review for Gamers wants Hardcore and Extreme Gaming Experience.

Top 6 Best Budget Gaming Laptops Review for Gamers

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